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iS 15
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Product Introduction

NEW Features:

-   Unique Vertical Design delivers outstanding readability
-   15" LCD super Display with Full Touch wide screen
-   High-end parameter modules of M series seamlessly compatible with iS
-   With flexibility and freedom to pre-configure and major monitoring parameters
-   High-end Parameters: Suntech NIBP, CO, EtCO2, AG
-   Exceptional connectivity by high-speed cable or wireless Networking
Standard Configuration:
3/5 Lead ECG, HR, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, 2-TEMP
Main unit: 15″ TFT-LCD display, 3 Standard Module slot, Touch Screen, 1 RJ45 Ethernet Socket,1 Defibrillation Output,1 Nurse Call Socket, 1VGA Port, 2 USB1.1 Port,1Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Option Module: SideSteam EtCO2 Module, MicroStream EtCO2 Module, MainStream EtCO2 Module, AG Module, C.O. Module, IBP Module, Temp Module, Nellcor SpO2 Module, Masimo SpO2 Module, SunTech NIBP Module
Navigating: USB Compatible Mouse and Keyboard
Printing: 3 Channel Thermal Recorder
Mounting: Rolling Stand, Wall Mount
Battery: 11.1V/4.0AH Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Other options: External Display, Wireless Lan, Extensive Memory Card, Analog Output (ECG or IBP)
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